What is the difference between Reference, Multi-reference and Dynamic Option?


Pallavi Kothari 28/12/2020 at 10:21 PM
What is the difference between Reference, Multi-reference and Dynamic Option?

There are three ways to link one collection to another: reference, multi-reference and dynamic option. Which one to use when?


Caroline Harris 14/07/2021 at 03:44 PM

Hi Pallavi, in DrapCode (no code / low app builder), you can add different type of fields in a collection according to your requirement without coding. So, a reference field is created, when you want to link fields of two different collections together, so that data of one field gets displayed in the field of the other collection in the form of a dropdown.

For example, a reference field named Product Category under "Products" collection is linked with the Types of Categories field of "Category" collection, so that all the types of categories gets displayed in the Product Category field in the form of a dropdown.

Multi-reference field is similar to the reference field. The only difference is that it allows users to select multiple items in the dropdown. To create a multi-reference field in DrapCode, just create a reference field and tick the "Multiple Select" checkbox. It will make it a multiple reference field.

Dynamic Option field also adds a field with dropdown list just like reference field. However, in reference and multi-reference fields, any change in the values of the collection field referred or linked to the field of another collection using reference field type, will automatically gets reflected in the reference field. But in the case of the Dynamic Option field, the actual value gets copied from another collection field and not linked. Therefore, if the old value changes, it will not reflect or get updated in the parent field.

I hope my answer gives you some clarity :)

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