Collapsible Side Nav

In the sidebar video tutorial you mentioned that you would soon be putting out another video showing how to create collapsible sidebar. When is that scheduled to be created? Also, when that is created could you please add mention of collapsible sidebar that doesn’t collapse 100%, but shows only the icons when collapsed? And when open shows icons and the name?

In the meantime, if anyone in this community has created this and can help to guide me to create this, I would very much appreciate it!

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Hi @Yuvraj,

Yes, we are adding 4-5 different type of collapsable sidebars but due to other high priority tasks, we are not yet able to release those sidebars yet.

Once those are released to all of the users, then we will publish the video tutorial for the same.

As of now it can only be achieved using custom CSS/JS code.


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Understood. Thank you for the update : )

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