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How to delete an asset which has been added? Collection & Fields

I have added a few assets and wish to remove them from the library.

How should I do the same?

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How can we create dropdown for nav-bar items? Design

I wanted to create dropdown list for nav-bar items, similar to the attached image:

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How can we navigate to different sections of a single page? Design

From the navigation bar, I want to move to a different section of the same page. Kindly guide me on how to implement this.

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What is the difference between Reference, Multi-reference and Dynamic Option? Collection & Fields

There are three ways to link one collection to another: reference, multi-reference and dynamic option. Which one to use when?

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How to add icons in between text? Design

I would like to display text similar to this "Made with (icon):) and without code" How to implement this?

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How to use sidebar inside a snippet? Design

If I use container>row>column to place the sidebar in a snippet, it covers the length and I am unable to use the remaining space on the page. If I use a sidebar without a container then it takes the full width of the page.

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