[Solved] How to get the entire sum of derived column at the end of the data table

this is the custom java script code added in the page. this is the project url :https://mezaberp7585.builder.mydrapcode.com/

Hi @shahabas,

Can you please send the Preview or Production URL of your page?

Also, please send the JS code which you are using?


this is the preview of the project : https://mezaberp7585.preview.drapcode.io/

<script>const calculateSum = (data, columnName) => {
        let sum = 0;
        data.forEach(item => {
            sum += parseFloat(item[columnName]) || 0; // Handle possible NaN values
        return sum;
const displaySum = async () => {
        const data = await fetchData();
        const sum = calculateSum(data, 'Total Ton'); // Replace 'quantity' with your column name
        document.getElementById('im2z4').innerText = `Total Sum: ${sum}`;

    // Call the displaySum function on page load
    window.onload = displaySum;

i have created one derived column named as total ton , at the end of the data table i need the sum of the entire column(total ton)

@shahabas Seeing few issues with the code. like “SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier ‘fetchData’.”.

Also, please add some wait after page load event because the data tables loads after the page has loaded.


thanks for the insights @vishsahu

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