Editing Date/Time Field

Hello there,

I have a data time field in a collection which stores input by the user. When I open a form to edit that, i get unusual behavior.

It show the time with minus 2 hours and then the Modal is saved the time is saved with that wrong time.

See the picture:

As I remember from an other topic I had on that forum, these times entered by user should not be effected by time zone. I had set a timezone in the project settings to GTM+2. I needed to do that to show times, also the ones generated by the system, correctly. This could be explain, why 2 hours maybe.

Is there a solution for that?

Hi @sunday,

Ideally it should only show the time which user has input and no timezone specific conversion should happen as timezone thing happens only on System generated date/time fields. User inputted date/time should remain as it is.

Can you please send me the link of the page on which you are trying to do this?