[Solved] Multi Tenant plugin - Creation of tenant and user

I am attempting to create a multi tenant sign up for both organisation and user. I have used the multi tenant plugin and have 3 collections of -
Organisation, Role and User.

I have created a sign up page for the orginisation that populates the Organisation collection, but as I try to signup the user I am unable to link the user to the organisation. The related field on the User collection still shows ‘0’ for Organisation.

I have tried to use an input field rather than the drop down selection for organisation on the signup form but it does not seem to establish the link.

On my signup page for the user I can pull the data from the Organisation collection for use in signup for User creation but cannot get the user to link to the Organisation.

User Collection

What step am I missing to link the user to the Org as part of signup?

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Hi @MettleGrade,

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In case of signup process we don’t know who the tenant is (because the person is not logged-in), so this will not work the way you are trying.

Ideally you should first create an Tenant using Signup form (we have Signup form where it creates Tenant and User in a single form), and then add other users as that tenant’s team members or agents.

So when the LoggedIn person is adding more people to the tenant, then we know in the background that which tenant to assign to the newly creates users.

Below videos explain the concept in a much clearer way:

Hope this is clear.


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Hi, Thanks so much. I have my method working now. I had chosen the wrong event option for the way I was undertaking it. I selected ‘Create User along with Collection’ and it works this way.

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Yes, that is the first option which i mentioned. Basically it created a new tenant and user and assign that user to that tenant.

It is not assigning the existing tenant to the user or adding the user to an existing tenant. That flow will like like i have mentioned in the other video.

Glad you found the solution.


How About an Organization admin has to give the user IDs on their own.

When you say User IDs, you meant email addresses or something else?

Email Address only sir

Ok. So what is the issue you are seeing?