Collection Form Edit from Data Table - empty fields on iPhone

Hello together,

i have problem with collection form to edit an item inside data table.

When i open it in browser on my laptop the contents of the fields are loaded correctly. But then open the same on my iPhone two fields are showed empty.

Laptop - thats right:

iPhone - thats wrong:

Is there a solution for that?

Hi @sunday,

There may be some issue with the iPhone. Which browser are you using?


If tested now with Safari and Chrome on iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately same result. Not every thing is loaded. I also created the page and the Modal new. But this does not solve the problem.

The interesting thing is, I use a different form where I just can edit a value from the dropdown. There it loads correctly. Could the data/time filed cause this behaviour maybe?

Have to get it checked in detail as we know few issues with iPhone/Safari but for other browsers it should work fine.

Can you share the URL of the page?