Collections FrontEnd Vs BackEnd

My Planned App is alike a table. and as an excel user, I use independent and dependent data validations a lot.

So the question is…when I create a collection and I needed to be available at the FrontEnd to avoid data fetching from the BackEnd, is it doable?

does my question make any sense? :slight_smile:

and honestly, Great tool!
keep up the good work…

Hi @aboeleanin Looks like i am not able to understand your questions correctly. You want to pull data from somewhere to the collection and display it on the frontend? or something else?

And thanks for the kind words and appreciation. Means a lot to us :smiley:

We have a feature where you can pull data directly from the frontend/REST API and display it on the UI without storing anything at the backend/collection level. Not sure if you meant that?

In this case the collection is avalable only at the frontend to wrap the incoming data in a structured JSON and display it on the UI, thus using DrapCode only as a frontend platform, bypassing the backend/collections completely.

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Where can i find this Feature?

This feature is currently in testing/QA, will let you know once it is ready to use.