Collections: save data

I can save data to the collections in Preview but not in Production, ¿why?

How can I solve this situation?

Hi @SMRK ideally it should not happen.

Can you please send me the project name and the page/collection name on which you are seeing this issue?

Page: Create Ticket
Collection: Ticket

It happens with save, update in collections
Stella Maris

Can you try creating new collection forms?

Hi Vishal!

I removed the collection form from the Create Ticket page and generated it again. In Preview it generates the ticket, in Production it does not generate it, the message Ticket not generated appears.
Previously, I published the app in Production.

Ok. Let me check this quickly.

It seems that there is some issue with the form as it has too many fields, not propely created/aligned.


Would it be possible for you to create a small form with just few mandatory fields and see if it is working and then try adding more fields?

I will also get it investigated.

Hi Vishal,
I generated, again, the form with the Ticket collection form with fewer fields.
Again, in Preview, I can generate the ticket, in Production, I cannot generate it.

Let me get this checked as this is quite weird behaviour.