Conditional display of text

Hello Drapcode-Team,

thank you for the great tool you’ve created.
I’m building an IT-Asset-Mananger tool where my collegues can rent out items. (for example laptops) On the Item-Detail-Page i have a text field that shows the location of the item, getting the information from a collection. I want to display the user using the item if it is rented out. Is this possible?

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Hi @KN02,

Yes, you can easily do it.

In the Rented Item collection (wherever you are storing the rented items), you can create a User reference field for the person who is using the rented item.

So when this object is getting created or updated, assign the value to this User reference field. Once the value is assgined, you will be able to display the name, email or any field of that person from the User collection.

Hope this is clear. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you for the fast response @vishsahu ,

I allready have this reference field and can display the name. But i want, depending on the status of the item(stored/rented out), to display different information. When it is stored show location, else show user assigned. I was thinking i can achieve this by setting up a When-Condition and then show or hide the text depending on what information I want to show. I was looking for a tutorial on this topic but did not find anything. Did i overlook something or is there an easier way of doing it?


Hi @KN02,

We do have support of Conditions feature to handle this type of scenario and we are doing it in few projects (to show/hide the buttons on the basis of some condition).

This can also be done using few lines of Javascript code.

We haven’t published the documentation yet as this feature is in very early stage and we are enhacing it as we go.

This video explains a bit of how to use conditions:

If this doesn’t help, then please ping us on our Slack and we will help you in this feature on a 1-1 call.