Conditional Visibility not working with Custom Segment

Hie Vishal

After I had challenges with conditional visibility with Snippets, the problem is persisting with Custom Segments.
The custom segment ( with no visibility conditions)

Custom Segment on Page as Navbar (with no conditional visibility in any of the navigation items)

Visibility on logout button

Visibility on Login button

Page preview with the login and logout buttons not showing.

Not sure what I might have done wrong…


Hi @WillieMak,

What is the condition which you have added to this button? I am seeing it all blank?


Hie Vishal.

That’s the point I am trying to make. I had been adding conditions for the buttons to be appearing under different conditions and they were not responding.

Now what I am trying to show you is that even without any condition, they are still not visible or appearing in preview mode. It’s like they do not exist.


Thanks @WillieMak

Can you please send me the preview URL of any of the page where you have put some conditions?