Continous parent-child relationship in collections

Hie Vishal

I am trying to set up a discussion forum as 1 portal of manybon my platform (with other portals). I have about 4 different levels I am considering.
The discussion forum will have a child (which I have named sub-portal); sub portal will have a child (named club) and club will have a child named chatroom. And in chatrooms will be children called topics and subtopics (being children ofbtopics)
My question is. Is this ok when setting up my collections in Drapcode? Does this set up have potential problems? As I build the UI, I want to be able to separate (filter) portals, subportals, clubs and chatrooms upto subtopic level. Why? Because agriculture by its nature is a very wide area hence it needs to be broken into relevant topics and groupings and subgroups if the platform I am building is going to be relevant.
E.g. The main Portal will carry topics such as Farming; Agric Real Estate; Agric Import & export; Climate & weather, etc…
Then under Farming there will be topics like crops, livestock, soil & water conservation, fisheries, etc… and under say Livestock which is now at “Club” level will have chatrooms that will cover topic like poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, buffalo, rabbits, etc…; and under each chatroom say Poultry will have topics like feed, diseases, housing, marketing, etc… and these will further have subtopics, further dissecting each topic e.g . A disease will have symptoms, treatment, prevention, remedies, etc…
This kind of setup will enable users to quickly zero in on the topics they want to receive help or would like to participate in or follow…

I hope my question is clear.

Thank you

Hi @WillieMak,

Yes, i think you can do it this way.


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Thanks @vishsahu for your response

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