Custom calculated columns


In order to see if Drapcode is a suitable tool for me, I have some newbie-questions :

1. can I create (in a table) custom calculated columns where I can use the values in those cells in my app?
Something like this :
Table with 4 columns : colA - colB - colC - colD

  • ??New custom column Cal_1 with "if colA > colB, then value= GOOD else value = NOT GOOD
    -?? New custom column Cal_2 with countif (colA…colD) where those values are greater than 999

2. Can a column contain a URL or an IMAGE ?

Thanks for helping


Hi @Wim,

Thanks for trying out DrapCode.

Here are the answers:

#1. Yes, you can create a table with 4 columns as you mentioned and then you can create another column to calculate the value using Custom Javascript derived field, where you can apply if/else condition on field values and then store the value in the 5th field.

#2. You can store image both as URL or as a file, so it is upto you how you want to use that.

Let me know if that answers your question or if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the quick reply and will surely use this and all the other video-tutorials.
Can you just give me a short instruction how to build an if-then-else derived field with javascript ?


Hi @Wim

If you know the basics of Javascript, then you can just put any if/else code and it will work.

To pick the variables of the collection fields, you can refer the below 2 video tutorials.

In the meantime, let me see if we have any exact tutorial for you.



Thanks but… custom JS seems not included in the free plan. So difficult to try…


You can just go ahead and try, there is no such restriction as of now, so don’t worry about it.