Data Collections - Additional Settings

The Collections module lacks some features (so far I’ve found such a lack):

  1. Ability to display or not to display fields in the list of collection entries

  2. Ability to custom sort by specified field. Right now the entries are placed in descending order (new ones at the top), but I, for example, need a different sorting, so I created a field called “Sort” for that

  3. The ability to simply copy a row of records (to create, for example, in Collection the list of records I need in advance). This is convenient if you have a lot of records of the same type, which may slightly differ from each other, and it’s easier to copy them than to re-fill the fields when creating a new record.

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Hi @alcompstudio,

Thanks for the suggestion. This is something which we are working on and planing to add all these features which you have suggested aling with the capability to edit the record data inline itself, so that user don’t have to open a new page and they can edit/delete the records from the list page itself.


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