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I am not able to display information as a complex structure based on the “collection within a collection” principle. That is, I want to display in each cell of a record (card) from the list of the “parent” collection Orders a nested list of records from the child collection Milestones. In the builder I was able to add a Date Group element inside the existing Date Group component, connected the data table, but I don’t see how to link the data from the “nested” collection to the current parent cell. In a good case this is done using a filter with a query builder, but I see only 2 possibilities there…

Is it possible to execute such a complex data structure? Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

Hi @alcompstudio,

Thanks for your question.

Yes, it is very well doable in the DrapCode.

You can use the Data Group component to build the cards/rows for each parent. Then inside the data group, you can drop the Child Data Group component, which does exactly as what you need.

Just in case if you don’t see the fields of the child, then just reload the builder page after dropping the Child Data group and then you will start seeing all the fields.

Then you can iterate on the fields of the child as well.

Here is the documentation: Child Data Group File Component - Advanced Component | DrapCode

Please let me know if you see any issue.


That’s the thing, I can see all the fields in the constructor and I even seem to have customized them

I don’t see the result on the preview page

The list with records in the group cell doesn’t show up, I pre-filled the data table and made links to the “parent” records.

So these collections are linked by a Parent Child relationship?

Can you please send me the link of the project, along with the collection and field names?


I sent you a private message

Thanks. Will check and revert.

Vishal, greetings!

Have you found any solution to this issue? I’m a bit stuck here and can’t move forward to check the Drapcode capabilities for my web system…

Hi @alcompstudio,

This feature is supported by default when you have the collections linked with parent-child relationship.

So first you iterate/loop on the parent and then by using the Child data group, you loop/iterate on the children, within that particular parent.

Will send you a video tutorial for this.


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This is going to be great, I’ll be looking forward to it!