Error - update multi step form in collection

I am having error while “Updating Data” in collection with current object id, my event showing error that cannot post to collection.
Step 1 works okay, as it has to “save data” in collection but when updating data in step 2, got error.
Try and check (Add Product Step 1 ) what the issue is, as I have followed exact steps in drapcode video (Multi-Step Collection Form - YouTube)
I don’t know why next step data not saving in same record of a collection.

Hi @Soha-Bilal For now, please don’t use the Text Area component as we are having some issues with it. Please try with regular text-field component and it should work.

We will let you know once this Text Area thing is fixed.

Hi Sir @vishsahu,

Thank you for your response.
Not just this, but the step of “update Data” back to same record is not working.
I even changed static option from second step to third hoping this wont be making issue but after first step of saving record to column one in collection, other steps data don’t move to same record columns even giving errors.

I am facing other issues and have multiple queries also.
Is there any better way to communicate with team/support because the new system(email like message) on chat is not working. I don’t receive any response from there.

Hi @Soha-Bilal,

For better communication you can reach out to us on Slack: Slack

That is much faster and better.