How to set up 2FA

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Another question. I am trying to set up some security settings by having 2FA. On the signup/register settings dialogue box, there is an option to select validation but the dropdown has no options. Otherwise I see no other way of doing this. If I am to import code to do this, I am doubting I will be able to set up the UI, send a link or Code in the e-mail, and set up the events that would watch the OTP code when its generated and returned by the user. I am also looking at using phone number to perform the 2FA by sending a code or link. Any ever tried this?
Dont know if I am making sense.

Thanks all

Hi Willie,

As of now we don’t have the option of 2FA.

If you want to send the email to inbox which user can click and login, then we have the Magic link functionality in place.

Here is the documentation:


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Awesome. This is good enough, thanks Vishal