Linking Sub-Category to Category in collections

I tried adding a subcategory to category(in collections)
I created subcategory in collections and marked it as ‘child of category’

Category is Automobiles
Subcategory is 4 wheeler
Name is Merc
I have gone by the documentation; but not able to get success.
When I tried adding the data, I was seeing the message ‘data is successfully saved’ in subcategory; but not able to see the data either in category or in subcategory.
Please guide me where I am going wrong and give me the right path.

Last but not the least I want to tell you that yours is an amazing tool when compared to similar ones wrt the learning curve. The amount of time in understanding your tool is far far lesser (almost in no time) than the time we need to spend for the same while working with similar other tools. A great job!!!


Hi Hema,

Thanks for the kind words. It means a lot to us :slight_smile: Encouragments like this keeps us moving forward and build a better product day by day.

For the question you mentioned, can you please provide me a screenshot as what exactly are you doing. Although i understand some of it but not able to understand the issue clearly.

The way you have added looks correct. Have you also added the Category as reference in the Subcategory?

Also, we have one tutorial for the same, let me send it to you soon (need to publish it)


I am attaching the files here in order by serial number.
I think I did a mistake which I realized in while saving file 6.
Anyhow, your support is most appreciated as it could help future users who face the same problem.
Thanks for your support.

I am also attaching a couple of screenshots that are confirming that data is not getting added, means I couldn’t solve it.
I tried adding the data here

(And also couldn’t understand how the data was added here(in my earlier attempt)…some surprise.
I understood I did a mistake…)

And the same (keyed in data) is not added here

I tried adding data in Category and it is getting saved. I am having issue with subcategory.

Can you please check this video and see if this solves your problem:

We just published it as it looks like exactly your use case. Please let me know if you still see any issues.

with the help of the video that you shared I could make it. I tried building the category and subcategory and items and could successfully save the data.
Thanks for the support.

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Good to know that. Please let me know of you get stuck anywhere else. Would be happy to help!