Login/SignUp Issue

Hello community,

Recently, I have been setting up collection and I changed some of the field type at User table, i.e. I changed username to Nickname and some other field data types as attachment.

I realized that it might be leading to an error in user sign up flow because when I once checked its field by “Show Field” function, its key and value were wrongly paired.

Not suprisingly, my project’s user sign up flow is causing an unknown error and it cannot be fixed even with reinstalling Login/SignUp plugin.

Would there be other solution or is it better for me to delete the whole project and restart?

After numerous attempts, I finally found the cause.

So when user table has two password type fields, error occurs preventing people from signing up.

I guess it is because the sign up plugin doesn’t know where to enter the input password.

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Hi @m8cha

Thanks for identifying the issue. Will create a bug for our tech team to look into it in more details.

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