LOS application in drapcode

Hello Vishal Sir,
I have read the page of LOS Build Loan Origination Software (LOS) without Coding - DrapCode but I don’t get the idea of the following:

  • how to make report?
  • how would we create different role with their panels like admin, branch manager,borrower, loan officer and other.
  • Import documents[excel/doc] and likewise export documents[excel/doc].
  • Export of data from all forms data with export button?
  • how can we keep track of information user enters new, edit previous or delete?
  • 2.1.1. Rent Roll
    2.1.2. Other Income
    2.1.3. Expenses
    2.1.4. NOI
    2.1.5. CAP Rate
    2.1.6. DSCR
    2.1.7. Construction Budget section
    2.1.8. Experience – Section 7 of Commercial Application
    2.1.9. Liquidity – Section 2 of 1003
    2.1.10. REO

Kindly share any project you have made that do such functionality and perform features.

Thank you.

Hi @Soha-Bilal,

As this can be configured on the project build on DrapCode but a lot of these things may not be readily available.

We are working on a LOS template and we hope to release it soon. You can then take it as a base application and build rest of the missing feature on top of it.