Multi Step Parent-child//Reference field

I have a question:
while creating multistep form that store a single record with multiple information related to one user.
Project: I have multiple steps:
1- first user login,
2- second a onboarding start page visible,
3- third page show a form with business detail collection’s some field.
4- four step asking user to input remaining fields of same business detail collection. (so in 3 & 4 step we using same collection “business detail” but displaying on different page and different fields )
5- first step show new form with personal detail collection
6- sixth step show other half fields of personal detail collection asking user to input data. (5 & 6 step using same collection “personal info” but displaying on different page and showing fields of that collection)
7 and other further steps asking and confirming phone number.


  • Do i need to check “SEND current object ID” at first step “login form” or “onboarding page” or any other page in our event?
  • From which step onward we have to use “Previous Step collection ID”.
  • Now i have two different form both are using two different pages to get data from user. Does first page will “save Data” in collection and other page will “update data” in that collection?
    also how id will be passed either previous collection id or current object id?

Hi @Soha-Bilal

This can be done like how you mentioned.

Send Previous collection id will send the ID of the previous page collection to the next page (irrespective of what collection you are saving on that page).

In other case, the newly create or updated collection ID will be sent to the next page.

So depending on your use case whether you want to send the previous object ID or the current page object ID, you can decide what to send to the next page.

In all the cases there will be one step to create the object and next steps onwards you will be updating the same record.

This video explains the concept for what you are asking: