Need help with CRUD Update

I am new to DrapCode, The platform is pretty straight forward. I went through tutorials and and this YouTube video: Building a simple CRUD application - YouTube

I have followed all the steps as suggested. However when i click on edit it takes me the the Page for update and opens the form but there is no data…

Can someone help? below are the screenshots…

Update Page settings:

Update Form Settings

Update Event:

Update data with-in Event (i do not see elements - but it shows in video)

Finally Edit settings

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Hi @akhan,

Thanks for the kind words.

Everything you did is correct. Only thing which i am seeing is that you may have binded the collection to the page, after creating the Edit form, so it does not bind the field values.

So to show the form data prefilled, there are 2 options:

#1. Delete/Remove the edit collection form and drag-and-drop it again on the same page, then it will show the values as prefilled.

#2. Go to the settings of each form field in the form and select option to show the values pre-filled by choosing the data of the collection files which are binded to the page, as given below in 3 screenshots

a.) Go to the settings of the collection form field.

b.) Choose the collection binded to the page.

c.) Select the field fow which you want to show the data pre-filled.

Let me know if this helps or if you see any other issue.


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Thanks a lot, I am now able to get the data on the form :slight_smile:

When i save it it gives me error.



Can you please share the URL of the project of this page?

Are you seeing the collection-name and id of that record in the edit page URL?

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Please find the URL: Partner Home