Nested Team-Workspaces

Hi, i am trying to build a intranet for organizations to keep track of their teams and subteams. We call them circles. Each circle shares a set of common properties, has its purpose and domain, members, roles etc

Each of the circles have a relationship to each other. They are nested. So there is a super circle on the highest level, and subcircles, and sub-sub-circles etc.

Each of the circles has a parent circle (all but not the super-circle)


How do i define the relationship in a good way?
I would like users to be able to navigate to each circle, according to the hierarchy of them. How would you display them? In a nested menu?

I am glad for any hints

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Hi @flogee,

I think this can be done by using a collection called Circle and then have a reference field in that collection refering to another Circle object (parent of this circle).

This way each Circle will have its parent and you can leave it blank while defining the Super-circle.

Then in Users you can have a multi-reference field of Circle, so that each user can be added to multiple circles and sub-circles.

While showing the data to the users, you can fetch data with the condition that the circle in those data should be equal to the circle of the user.

We also have the capability for users to enter one circle, view/create/edit data and then come out an enter another circle (switch circle), so that they can switch circles and access the data.

Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions.