Notification feature and Dashboard

Hello Sir @vishsahu,

I need to know other than alert, how can we achieve following notification features:

  • Assignment notification
  • Data change notification
  • Share / Exchange comments on record (with notification)
  • Central Notification / Communication central
  • Instant in-app notification
  • Accept custom notification
  • Notification with change history

Can we create Dashboards like:
∙Private Dashboard
∙Shared Dashboard
∙Multiple Dashboards
∙Dynamic / Interactive Dashboards

Hi @Soha-Bilal,

For the notifications, we support 2 type of notifications i.e 1.) Event based (on click of something, form submit, status change, etc) & 2.) Background task based such as daily/weekly reminders on the basis of some condition, etc.

In-App notifications are not supported.

Not sure what you meant by Accept custom notification.

For the dashboard, all type of dashboards are possible.


custom notification:
what i am trying to say is let suppose, when we have multiple dashboards and user change something like fields data in his dashboard will admin get the notification that specific role change specific field.

Dashobards type:
can you share any video or tutorial that shows private, shared and other type of dashboards?

Yes, those notifications are possible.

We have tutorials for end to end project building, but not sure if there is anything specific to dashboards.

Can you please share video playlist or doc that could help us?

Here is an end to end tutorial.