Phone Number verification using 6 digit through text message and phone call

Hi Sir @vishsahu,

Can we send text message or phone to verify phone number of user, and ask to add his 6 digit code that drapcode sent him to verify.

Step1 : we ask user to input phone number to verify and send his/her 6 digit code through message/call.
Step2: we ask input the 6 digit code sent to his/her number for verification.

Hi @Soha-Bilal,

As of now we don’t have this feature readily available and this can be done via REST APIs as you need to choose the SMS provider to trigger the 6 digit code.

Once the code is triggered, you may need to write another API (ex: AWS Lambda function), to verify the OTP and enable the flag.

All this can be done using Developer API documentation of the project.