Preview button doesn't go to new URL after a page has been renamed

If you create a fresh project, edit the “Home” page and change its name, “Home New” for example, the Preview button in the Drapcode top toolbar will go to the old URL of the page.

You can see page has been renamed with new URL set automatically here:

And here you can see the URL after clicking the Preview button:

Thanks @Briggsy I will get this checked. All these URLs comes from the cache, so it may happen that the cache takes some time to reflect the changes.

Have you reloaded the page after name change?

After revisiting the project, I can see it now reflects the new URL :+1: I guess the cache had not updated for me yet. Still might be a good idea to force a refresh or something or a message to tell users to refresh if the URL isn’t updating.

Yes, we are working on the force cache refresh on each such update at this issue is also there at few other places, such as Adding a new collection field in Data Table/group, adding a new filter/derived field.

These things do not get reflected immediately and you may have to reload the builder or sometimes, need to drag and drop the component again.

So this is already on the radar and hopefully will be fixed soon.

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