Problem when working with text fields

I made several Heading blocks on the page to display the data of the logged in user. The id and e-mail values ​​are displayed, but the values ​​of the text fields (first name, last name and derived field) are not displayed, although space for them has appeared on the page.
There is a similar problem with passing hidden values ​​in form parameters. I did everything as in your video instructions. I’m trying to transfer logged in user details. id and e-mail are transmitted, but text values ​​are not. They are not even displayed in the form and are not recorded in the database either.

Hi @KoretnikovArtem,

Can you please send us the link of the page where you are having this issue? We can check and let you know as what could be wrong.


For training, I’m trying to get information from the profile of an authorized user. Id and email are displayed, but username and surname are not.

Ok. Will need to get this checked. Since it is a dropdown field, then it can happen that is may be different handling from the text fields.

Will get this checked and let you know.