PWA Configuration

Hello community,

I would like to know if there is a way to test PWA configuration via preview.

I want to test out how my project would look like under PWA configuration but I could not find any tutorials or resources to try out.

Also, is this feature available to the free plan? or do I have to upgrade my plan to test this out?

Thank you

hello @m8cha

Testing of PWA is not available under preview as we need to generate some files to make it PWA compatible and those files gets generated only while publishing the project. (BTW, this is a good suggestion and we will see if/when we can add this capability)

PWA can be tested and launched in free plan as well, so you can just add the configuration needed and and test it.

We do have support of Beta/Alpha environments (paid), where you can test the PWA and all other functionality before making them live for the production/live users.

In free plans, we have Preview and Production/Live environment support with separate database, so that you testing data remains separate from the live data.


Thank you for the clear answer.

I think as long as PWA config can be tested by simply launching it, it would be okay for us to figure out our projects.

I asked this question because I am mainly used to AppGyver feature where they have a separate preview app for testing out in mobile environment. The AppGyver preview app let users to see how the projects look in mobile screen without publishing it. I am glad to hear that your team will consider this option!

Sure, we will see when we can add this feature. Have added it in the roadmap for us.

AppGyver is mobile first, so i am sure that they must have this option.

True, but I also think that Drapcode having an option to convert projects into PWA is one of the strengths it has, especially considering that Apple announced in WWDC22 they will support PWA. Having this feature may look like a small advantage for now but I think it has a great potential in the future.

Anyway, I am now more glad to hear that your team already added it in the roadmap.
Looking forward to it!


We will extend the PWA capabilities to match the expected needs. Have several new features such as Offline storage, Push Notifications, etc added to PWA roadmap recently.

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