Replacing a text area with a form

Hi! First of all let me congratulate you on this great tool. I hope you will go great and my best wishes for that.
I am not into coding.
I took your template (‘community’) and started making changes as per my idea.
In this, in Question fields, under collections, I would like to replace the ‘description’ with a ‘form’.
Can you please help me doing this?
Thanks in advance

Thanks for the kind words Hema.

Can you please share the screenshot of the page/section where you want to do and we will definitely help you do it.

Thanks for your immediate reply.

I am attaching the screenshot here.

And the template that I am using is here.


Thanks for the screenshot.

I think you can just delete/ignore this description field and add the fields you want in the form. Then you go to the form on the page and drag and drop the Collection Field component, you will then see the newly added fields in the settings, which you can use in the form.

Saving of new data and everything will continue to work as it is.

Let me know if you still have any questions.

I added the fields and I am able to see them there, and also in data columns.
But I definitely know that I missed doing something as I could not find the same in ‘view’ mode.
I am seeing the same old form with the same fields that were there earlier in ‘view’ mode.
Updated fields are not seen.

Can you explain in a little detailed way of doing what you said like

I understood clearly that I missed receiving something here.
Thanks in advance


Can you please share me the URL where you are seeing them? Because you need to check in the Preview mode if you have not published the changes.

So it might be happening that you have done the changes which are not published, but you are viewing them in the published mode.

And I am also adding a couple of screenshots from my drapcode builder login here for the same.

This one is the updated form view…

and this one is the data view of the same…

Ok, these fields are correct. Now where you want to show this form/fields to the end user?

I pasted this as plain text as it is showing a log in page, if pasted as url…

and I am also attaching a screenshot of the same page to give clarity to you.

Edit: I tried several times to change the first link to text///but it is not happening…
but only link was getting posted…
test7128. preview. drapcode. io / post-your-question" is the url

Ok, yes this is correct.

If you open this page in the Builder, then you will be able to drag and drop the Collection field component inside this and then can add new fields easily.

Here is a quick tutorial as how to do it:

I am trying with the link shared by you and also going by some video links given as help videos from the dashboard.
I will work on this and update you.

Cool. Please let me know if you see any issues.