Resume Registration After Magic Link Login email

Hie All…

Please help. I a stuck in a loop. I am setting up a “Signup/ Register” process using the Magic Link functionality.
Now here is my challenge.
My first stage of the signup process involves the user entering their username and e-mail address. when they click sign up, they will receive a link in their e-mail which will log them into the app.
From here, how do I automatically take them back to the registration process to finish of the remain fields like full name, address, bio etc. I want to have a condition that takes the back to the registration process.
Thirdly I would like to allow those that would have completed the registration process, upon their subsequent visits, to carry-on, after logging in, without the app mistakenly prompting them to finish of the registration process.
Any ideas would be helpful.
Thank you

Hi @WillieMak,

Magic Link only works for Login flow.

Signup fill will not work like you have mentioned. User will have to create their account, then you can send the the magic link to login to their account using the link in the email and then you can take them to continue and complete their profile.


Ok. I get it. Thanks Vishal