Setting limits or file sizes

Hie @vishsahu

Please help. I would like to limit the size of files (especially photos) that users will upload so that the app is not overwhelmed and users don’t go over their subscription based uploads etc. How can i achieve this? or which of your tutorial Video should I watch?

The other question is how do i limit a user to only upload a certain number of products or to asking a certain number of questions in a given period in a certain category? e.g. Five products per month using the conditions, filters, and events functionality or whatever method is ideal using drapcode. Any tutorial videos covering similar ideas will be appreciated

Thank you


Hi @WillieMak,

As of now there is no external limit which you can apply to files. Internally we have a limit of 20 or 50 MB and no one can upload a file larger than that.

We will see if we can provide users th capability to limit the file size like you need.


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Thanks @vishsahu

Thank you for clarifying this. That would be great, if you will be able to provide this capability, because my greatest challenge at the moment is that of users overloading the system especially if providing a subscription based service based on say number of files.


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Sure @WillieMak will let you know once this feature has been added.

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