[Solved] Collection Image Not Displaying Correctly in Data Table Element

This is very easy to duplicate.

I have a collection called Websites with 3 fields: Name, Link, and an Icon.
The Icon is defined as an File/Image. Adding data to this collection works fine.
Including the displaying of the uploaded Icon image.

The problem occurs when placing a Data Table Element on a page.
In the Data Table Settings, I select the Collection and the Collection name.
But when I look at the Preview, the icon file name is displayed instead of the graphic.
The uploaded graphic displays fine in the Collection viewer, but not on the Table Element.

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Hi @Townsend

Yes, by default all the files/images are shown as a link with text and the capability to download them on click.

If you want tos display them as image, then just drop the Image component in that particular column/cell of the data table and it will work fine.

Below is the tutorial video for your help:

Please take a look and let me know if you still see any issues.