[Solved] Deleting whole Collection with Button

Hello there,

I am trying to create a workflow which should delete all data from a dedicated Collection when click a button. How can that be done?

Would be thankful for some hints or solution!

Hi @sunday,

Thanks for reaching out.

As of now there is no event action to delete all the data from a collection as we haven’t see this use case so far.

Only way to do it is to write a cloud function which will call the DrapCode developer API to fetch the data and display those records. We do have Developer API to delete multiple records and that will work in this case.


Thanks for your response!

Where can I find more information or documentation about the way you mentioned?

Hi @sunday,

Each project has its own Developer API documentation.

You can find for your project in Left Sidebar > Help > Developer APIs, as in the below screenshot.

There is an API to delete any no of records using their UUIDs, and you will need to call that API using some cloud function such as AWS Lambda.

Usage of External APIs is mentioned in the below tutorial:


Thanks, I will try it.

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