[Solved] Displaying Data from Child Reference Field

Dear All…

Please Help
I have implemented a multi-step listing process for listing accommodation where collections like amenities, categories etc are children of the main Property collection.

In the database it shows there is something under a particular field but I am failing to display it in a card.

Showing that there is something under categories

This is the categories collection

This is the preview showing the name of the place but not the category or town/city selections

This is how I have set it up

Category is a multi-select field

City/ town is a single select option.

What have I done wrong…

Thank you

Hi @WillieMak

How are you trying to display them in the card? I am not able to see that card screen in your flow.

Typically you can use Child Data list Component to display data like this on details page or on any card.


Hie Vishal.

Let me watch the video and revert to you should it remain an issue.



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