[Solved] Horizontal and Vertical alignment of components in the parent's component

Hello all. I started learning drapcode for more than a week but till now did not know how to position a component (not text) in its parent. Very often I need to align a component horizontally (i.e left/right/center) and vertically (top/bottom/center). Can you tell me how to do such things pls.

In addition, on the style manager panel, there are no documentation/tutorials explaining feature/options as highlighted in the image below.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi @Anton,

Please find below the tutorial which covers the Horizontal as well as Vertical alignment of the components inside a dix/box/column.

You can do it in 1 ways:
1.) CSS Classes : Add .d-flex to the parent component/div to enable flex mode. Then use (on the parent component only) .align-items-center to align the content vertically and .justify-content-center to align content horizontally.

2.) Style Manager - Using the Flex layout option, as explained in the video.

Hope this solves your question.

For the other question you have, regarding the different options in the display type dropdown, we are working on the detailed explanation of each of its type and will release it soon.


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Perfect! Thank you Mr. Sahu.

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