[Solved] How to perform a Soft Delete in Drapcode

Hie Vishal

Please help. I would like to have soft delete functionality for some features in the app, for legal and other reasons. Cant see how I can use the current features in the events to achieve this.

I am kind of stuck on this one. Please help.


Hi @WillieMak,

We don’t have an inbuilt feature for Soft delete, but you can have a field in your collection - like (deleted = true), then you can apply the condition in the filters to not bring the data items which have this flag set as true.

To mark any item as Soft Deleted, you can use Update Collection Field action, which will set this boolean field to true whenever you want to mark any item as soft deleted.


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Hie @vishsahu
Thank you for this valuable information. It has opened up a whole new horizon for me.
Is it the same action I can use to set a bookmarking feature. Where if a user clicks on a bookmark icon, the item is added into their bookmarked products, and if they click the Icon again, the item is removed from the list of bookmarks. am also looking at making the bookmark icon change colour, which is a conditional filter, if I am right.

Currently focusing on the UI build, will revert with questions specific to filters and conditions soon.

Thank you and Good day

Cool. Good to know that it helped.