[Solved] Importing a full UI kit or pages into the builder

I am looking to use a downloaded theme, am I able to import a full UI kit or full page(s) from the UI kit and just edit those in the builder?

Either way, would it be better to load the individual componets I want to use and create snippets and segments inside of the builder to create my pages?

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Hi @Yuvraj,

Yes, you can import full HTML theme using our HTML theme uploader. The feature is in its early stage so we haven’t added any documentation yet.

Another option would be to upload HTML theme CSS file only, so that the design gets imported and then you can copy/paste the HTML code as it is to build the UI.

This way you will avoind bringing unused js files/plugins and html code and your application will be lighter/smoother.

This video explains how to use custom html/css to build the UI.

Hope this helps.

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Another video to use Custom HTML Templates:

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Wonderful! I will give the theme uploader a try : ) Thank you for including links to relevant videos.

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