[Solved] Input Timezone from user


Is this possible to ask users to input their time zone from list like this, in a collection form, from which they will select their respective time zone and other than regular dropdown of user created fields to select but they must change time according to timezone?.

Hi @Soha-Bilal

You can build this dropdown using regular collection and dynamic dropdown, but this will not change the date/time of the data as we have timezone at the Project level (in the Project settings), but not at individual user level.


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I have project which deals with different timezones, so I wanna try to understand better, how drapcode deals with it.

Are the saved date/times are always in UTC in the Collections?
When I have a field in a collection to enter Time/Date and I pick it, what timezone use this, the local one from browser, the one selected in the project, or always UTC? And is there a difference what is shown and selected and what is stored?

Hi @sunday,

By default the date/time captured by the system for system defined fields such as Created Date, Updated Date, etc are stored in GMT timezone.

All the dates inputted by the users are stored as it is without any conversion.

We do have support of timezone at the project level and we do the date conversion to the user specific timezone as needed for the system defined fields but for custom Date/Time inputted by user is stored and shown as it is, without any conversion.

Please let me know if this answers your question and if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the replay. Now I know that there is also a difference between system generated fields and fields with user input.

For my clarification: the user inputs are saved without timezone then, right? So when I enter 2023-11-14 21:44 it is saved that way, right?

Yes, system generated fields takes default values from the server/operating system.

Values inputted by users are stored and displayed as it is, like you mentioned.