[Solved] Number of Collections in Free Plan

Hello everyone, dear platform developers!

I have just joined to “Drapcoders”, started to explore all the features of the platform. Now I have this question: I am on the plan “Free forever”. The Price page Pricing Plans | DrapCode ( Plans Comparison) says that only 10 Collections are allowed for my plan. I have created at least 11 already in my project, because I will need specific collections of a very simple type (to be used as dynamic data sets - statuses, categories, etc. - to substitute in the dropdown list fields). I have not found any specific datasets in Drapcode not to use Collections for this (or maybe I have not looked hard enough, don’t know everything yet). What is the limit of 10 collections related to this? Can I continue to add new collections (now I see it’s allowed), and at what point do I run out of the limit? Or what should I use instead of Collections to create dynamic values for drop down lists/radio switches/multiselects ?

It’s important for me to understand this, because I don’t quite understand why I should make restrictions on the number of collections at all. As a developer, I have to add all the collections to my project because it’s a single unit and I need to create the entire project first, test its functionality, and then decide whether or not to offload it to live mode before launching the live app. I don’t think there will be a significant load on the platform in development mode, whether it’s 10 or 100 collections. At least you can, for example, limit the simultaneous access to 3-5 users in development mode, to test the full functionality of the project. And live mode can be done at paid rates, if the number of collections exceeds 10. Or something like that. But the reason is to let the prototype of the Project be fully developed.

In general, I really like this platform, I came here from the notorious Bubble, where there is a problem with tariffing, so I want to find out all the possible issues with restrictions and permissions.

Regards, Alexander!

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Hi @alcompstudio,

Welcome to DrapCode Community.

I think you are right and we are deciding to remove those limits so that users can build web apps freely.

We are testing few of the features so that we can charge users on the basis of the value they are getting from the platform (like the complexity of the application in terms of no of collection, pages, roles etc) and haven’t yet figured out what could be the right matrix.

There are few applications which are not very complex but being used by 1000s of people and there are some applications where the no of users are limited but the applications are very complex and consume a lot of resources otherwise.
Also, we don’t want to have user based pricing, so that you can have as many external/end users as you want (we know that most of the users are not usually active hence usage based price is not a good approach)

So we are still debating for the right pricing plan which works well for our users.

As of now, there is no hard limit anywhere on the no of collections/pages you can create, so ignore it for now and continue with your project building.

We will get that limit removed from the pricing plan as well.

Appreciate your kind feedback :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


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Thank you @vishsahu ! I really appreciate your reply!

I apologize for my English, I am writing to you using an online translator :slightly_smiling_face:

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No Problem @alcompstudio

Appreciate your feedback.

We have also removed that limit from our pricing plan as well DrapCode | Pricing Plan :grinning:


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