[Solved] Problem with collection forms

i wanted to add a collection form with a single input field at the end of my homepage to collect emails for a newsletter. I binded the form to the collection and event but for some reasons nothing is happening.
This is the link Home
As i can see in the developer tools there is a problem with the valid function which is not defined or available for the object referenced by formID.
Thank you in advance

Hi @KN02,

Can you please drag and drop the form again and remove all other fields which you have added?

Also, have you applied the validation to this form?


Hi @vishsahu,

I removed all other fields and draged and dropped a new form.
I have also tried it with and without validation, all other forms which i used are without validation, but it is still not working. When i click on the settings of the input field i also cant choose the field in the collection which the data should be written to. I only can choose none or ID. I tried different types of input fields and it is the same with each of them.

Most probably some existing script on your page is breaking this collection form flow.

Can you remove this collection form from the page and send me the link. Or try using the same collection form on a different blank page. Then i think we will be able to identify the root cause and fix it.

It was an existing script. Now it is working as it should.
Thank you for your help.

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