[Solved] Problems with Update Data via Modal using External API

Hi, I have present Problems with Update Data via Modal using External API, I don’t get anything from the External APIs, checked and I get empty in my api.

Hi Jessica,

Let me get this checked. You are seeing the issue that the data is not getting updated via Esternal API?

Good morning Vishsahu.
We would like to update an item in a collection using a personalized JSON when the user clicks Save in an Edit modal. We have had success sending data to the server when we check the option Send Collection Data on the External API page and then choosing Raw JSON in Collection Data Mapping. However, the handlebar / field data are sent as is e.g. {{firstname}} is sent instead of the value of the variable.

Hi Jessica,

Can you please send me the name of your external API because i am not able to see the update PUT call which you have mentioned in your screenshot.

May be you have deleted it and created a new one?


Hi Vishsahu,

Hi @jessica.torres

I cannot test this flow as the REST API Get call should return a list of items so that we can try the Edit/Update flow in the Modal Popup.

Your GET API call is not returning a list of items but giving a string “Accepted”, so not able to proceed further.

Would be helpful if you can pick a timeslot from here and lets walk through this issue. It is a quick one and should not take much time to fix.


Hi Vishsahu,
I did not have the api working, I already changed the routes but it still does not work for me.

Hi @jessica.torres,

What i can see is that your GET API is not returning the list of items/data and without that we cannot test the edit flow in which you are having issues.


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Hi Vishsahu, Thanks.
This is the link and this is the answer.