[Solved] Questions about Custom fields and custom collections

Hi. While learning about Drapcode, I found it quite easy to add custom collections and add custom fields to a collection. However, I didn’t see anywhere that allows editing and/or deleting custom fields and/or custom collections. Can Drapcode allow to do that?
Also, when retrieving data from collections to display on app pages, I don’t know if there is a way to display only the necessary fields (ie hide the unnecessary fields)? This is very important because:

  1. Sometimes the Admin just wants to show users only necessary information, but not the remaining.
  2. A collection often has many fields, so many times it is not possible and impratical (i.e. no space and/or bad UI…) to display all its fields on the app pages.
    Thanks for any advice.

Hi @Anton,

Thanks for the question.

Yes, you if have added that custom field then you shoule be able to delete them easily by just expanding the field settings block, like below:

But you cannot delete the fields which are coming from the collection settings as part of some plugin (like Users fields coming from the Login/Signup Plugin)

Similarly, if you have created a custom collection then you can delete it by going in its settings tab, as below:

Unfortunatly as of now we display all the fields except Large text fields type in the list page of data in the builder.

Displaying of limited/specific fields is something which is in the roadmap (along with inline editing of data like in Airtable/Xano) and hopefully it will be available soon.

Please let me know if that answers your questions.


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Thanks @vishsahu. I expect you release such data’s inline editing feature very soon.

By the way, can I create custom login page (i.e. without using login/signup plugin) or not?

And is it possible to let my end-users to login the app without having them to register beforewards?


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Hi @Anton ,

Sure, we are assigning someone to work on this task in the next release.

Yes, you can create custom login page and you can use the Login Form component to add the Login form to that custom page. You can also use the Login on a Modal popup if needed. To enable to Login/Signup functionality you will need to install the Login/Signup plugin as it creates the User and Role collection for you to handle the Login and Signup process.

Yes, it is possible for your end users to Login but in that case you will need to pre-register them or if you are using some backend such as Supabase/Xano etc where we can validate the existence of that user before allowing them to login.

Hope this answers your question.

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Thank you @vishsahu. Actually, some of my apps are related to the use of smart lockers, so these apps accept one-time users.Anyone can login (without pre-signup) with his self-chosen username and password to open the locker for depositing and picking up the goods. Next time that user can log in again with the same username and password or using the new username and password. That’s why I want to know if we can build such login feature on Drapcode app?

Hi @Anton,

Yes, this is something which can easily be done on DrapCode.

We have an event action called Signup and Login, which will create the user and login then in one step only. So they will click the form with email and password and it will create their account and login to them instantly (like you want) and then they can login to that account next time using the same email and password.

I hope this will work in your use case.

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