[Solved] Setting Records Per Page on Data Group Element

I originally set this to the Data Group to 12 Per Page, and that worked fine.
Now I bumped it up to 36, and it still seems locked into 12 Per Page.
Is there another property or setting I need to update?

Hi @Townsend,

In this case it should not break and only show the no of records which you have mentioned.

Let me get this checked from our QA team as if there is some issue with this lately.

Ok. I got the issue.

Can you please close that tab and click the preview again? then only the pagination value in the browser gets refreshed.

Please let me know if you still see any issue.

New Tabs on both the Preview and Production pages.

Production displays 17 images, from Production data.
Preview displays 5 images, from Staging Data.

Looks great! Thanks for your help.

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