[Solved] Swipeable Cards

do you plan on integrating swipeable cards with which it is possible to perform matching tasks.
For example we are working at the moment on an app for animal shelters and we thought it would be cooler to swipe for like/dislike after choosing your filters instead of just showing the results.

Hi @KN02

Can you please share some examples of what type of cards you are looking for? then it will be helpful for us to see how they can be implemented.


Hi @vishsahu

The card type is not important it is more about the possibility to swipe them to the left/right and the next card appears. Also to bind the swipes to an event would be nice.

thank you

Hi @KN02,

We do have a component for Swipe left/right called Carousel.

It has several options to slide the content as needed.

It has few limitations:
1.) It is only for static data, means you cannot bind it to a dynamic collection.
2.) You cannot bind the events to it.