[Solved] Template Requesting for Login credentials

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I started my app from a template. I am having an issue where, if I try and preview some pages the app asks me to login. Once I tried to use the login details provided on the template with no joy. I just went ahead and continued to build. On some pages I preview without being asked to log in. How can I completely overhaul the whole signup login setup. For now I just want to be building and testing without logging in and out just as yet…

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Hi @WillieMak,

Is the page is marked as secured or access to some role, then you will need to login to view that page. It can happen that the data on that page is coming from the LoggedIn user or some private filter, so it is mandatory to login with the specific user to view that page.

If the page is public, then you don’t need to login and you can preview the page without any issues.


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Hi @vishsahu
Oh, I now understand. I have not been able to use this functionality to adjust the pages as I am not yet able to click the settings cog without it saying “something has gone wrong…”



Problem Resolved
Thank you so much @vishsahu

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Please let me know if you see any issue.