[Solved] Tracking Progress on a Multi-Step Process

Greetings All
Please help. I am trying to implement two multi-step form processes. One is user registration and the other is Property listing. The challenge we have in our location is that of unreliable internet.
So when someone is registering or listing a property and they are interrupted, how do I ensure that the app returns them where they ended? Is there a drapcode video tutorial that can point me in the right direction or it’s one of those challenges that if you are stuck you are stuck?
Other Ideas are most welcome. My background is zero coding experience.

Thank You

Hi Willie,

This can be achieved easily by storing a field called Progress Step in your collection. So every time the users complete a step, you update that collection field value to the respective step no in your form such as STEP_1, STEP_2, etc.

So this way you will have the information to which step the user has completed the Multi-form flow.

And after that you can show a button on their dashboard or after login so that they can continue their progress/onboarding and with the help of Conditional Redirect event, you can take them to the exact page from where they have left the forms flow.

This way you will have the information as to which step they stopped and then you can allow them to resume their journey from there itself. Only thing that they will have to do, is to login so that they can continue the flow.

As an additional step, if you do not want them to be able to access anything before they complete the full flow, then you can create a temporary user role such as “Onboarding User”, and once they complete the last step then change their role to regular User.

This way you will be able to land them on a dashboard after login, which will ask them to complete the onboarding first before they can access anything in the system.

We have done something like this in several project, but i am not sure if we have any tutorial for this exact flow. But you can see the conditional redirect flow here:


Dear Vishal.

Thank you very much for your detailed response. Very clear. Sounds very doable. Let me try it.


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