[Solved] Working In Preview and Not Woking in Publish Mode

Hi Vishal

One of my signup forms is working as it should do in preview mode but showing error in publish mode.
I see that one of the dropdown menus is not working in publish environment.

Here is the form in preview mode

Smae form in Publish environment

What could be the problem

Hi @WillieMak,

Please send me the preview and published page URL for this one.

Also, just to double check, do you have the data in the production environment for this collection?


Hie Vishal.

Before I even send you the link, I think u have pointed out the issue. There is no data in the live database. Yaaah, there is So much to remember.

Thanks for pointing that out…

Kind regards

Cool. Let me know if you still see any issue.

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Thanks Vishal. Havent tested the feature after updating the live database. Will update if I encounter any challenges.

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