Struggling with setting up Filters

Hie Vishal.

Please help. I am struggling with setting up filters. Is it a function of how I set up the Collection or am getting entangled in failing to understand the logical sequence. Have tried to watch the videos where you use filters but am still not understanding. If possible, could you record a video explaining how filters and conditions work.

Thank You


Hi @WillieMak,

Sure, will do.

Can you please tell me a bit as what type of condition you are trying to achieve with filters?


Thanks Vishal. You have touched a bit on my problem areas on this topic when you explained how I can perform a “soft delete” functionality. It’s setting the boolean to true or false that I have also been struggling with…Switching between yes and no… E.g. how to change database item when someone ticks a checkbox . for example I Would like to capture that a person agreed to the T&Cs on a certain date. Or I would like to set a condition that a button is only clickable if a checkbox has been ticked, especially during the sign-up process.
I would also want to change a person’s role by a click of a button or checking a checkbox.
When i try to set up such events/ logic I get myself entangled, not knowing where to start…

I will let you know other specifics when I go through them as I had put the building of certain features on hold because I couldn’t understand how to make them function like I intended.

Thank you

Sure @WillieMak

Do let me know in the specific thing where you get stuck.