Trying to get dynamic table to display image or link to image

I have a collection that has 5 columns. In the builder view when I use a dynamic table to show that collection, I see a 3x3 grid without labels. But, when I view that in page view, it shows the 5 column table just fine, with one exception. One of the columns should be showing images, but it only shows the text object Object]. Please advise.

Here’s the table in builder view:



Here’s how it displays in page view:

So you can see that despite it not showing any labels in builder view, it is almost properly showing the collection content in page view. It’s just not showing the image.


Hi @noz,

Can you please try the Data Table component to display this data?


Thank you. With that component it shows the filename of the uploaded image instead of the image itself or a link to view it.

Yes, then just drag and drop the image component in the column where you want to show the image.