Twilio Integration


Does anyone have experience integrating Twilio? I installed the plug-in and entered details, but did not see any changes to the configuration or further options.

I also tried setting up an external API call with Twilio using a POST request to the messages API. I was able to test this as working in Postman, but I receive a 500 error in the response on Drapcode. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @camlinr,

Thanks for posting the details.

Can you please confirm if you have changed the dummy values to your actual Twilio account setting values (ACCOUNT_SID, AUTH_TOKEN, etc) before making the POST call?

Hi Vishal,

Yes, I did change the credentials. I took them out for the purpose of the screenshot.


Hi @camlinr,

Would you mind showing it on a quick call as we tested External APIs and it is working fine when we tested.